Exhibitors by Name

  • Alexej von Jawlensky

    Herbstabend, 1917

    Stand A3
  • Carlos Albert

    Polifonía, 2017

    Stand F34
  • Adolf Luther

    2 Focus Points

    Stand A39
  • Rune Mields

    Das verborgene Ornament. Oktogon, 1980

    Stand A5
  • Ni Rentig, Ni Wayan Rusni

    Geringsing Padma

    Stand D15
  • Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

    Naked Woman and Girl (probably Anna Müller), circa 1925

    Stand C18
  • Walking Canes

    Stand F30
  • Astrid Lowack

    Playing Angels, 2017

    Stand B10/C19
  • Tom Wesselmann

    Nude, 1980

    Stand A31
  • Takesada Matsutani

    Wave 87-11-A, 1987

    Stand F36
  • Sonia Delaunay


    Stand B11
  • Drinking Game

    Stand D11
  • Max Ernst

    Janus, 1974

    Stand E28
  • Flower Bouquet with Ladybeetle

    Stand E42
  • Church father Basileos and the Holy Fool Vasily

    Stand A35
  • Curt Herrmann

    Still Life with Flower Bowl, 1916

    Stand F29
  • Buli Buli Club

    Stand C1
  • James Hopkins

    The Dance of Death, 2014

    Stand E34
  • Joachim Bandau

    Telefon II, 1967

    Stand D31
  • Chanel Necklace

    Stand F40
  • Eduard Schleich the Elder

    Wide Landscape, circa 1840

    Stand D1
  • Stand A21
  • Marino Marini

    Cavaliere, 1973

    Stand D9
  • Art Deco Clip

    Stand D33
  • Armand Jamar

    Marée haute, Boulogne sur Mer, 1925

    Stand F25
  • Gerhard Richter

    Schwarz - Rot - Gold IV, 2015

    Stand C40
  • Siegfried Anzinger

    Löwenerschaffung, rötlich, 2017

    Stand E14
  • Elizabeth Eyre de Lanux

    Lacquer table

    Stand C28
  • Mr. Brainwash

    Kate Moss, 2016

    Stand D25
  • Werner Scholz

    Hochosterwitz, 1957

    Stand C3
  • Head of Buddha

    Stand B40
  • Andy Warhol

    Beethoven, 1987

    Stand C10
  • Tiger Rug

    Stand A34
  • Gio Ponti

    Console Table

    Stand D35
  • Jacob Frères

    Table à la Tronchin - Architect's Table

    Stand F32
  • Venetian Fair

    Stand F38
  • Charles Eames

    Swivel Arm Chair Rope Edge, circa 1949/1950

    Stand F21
  • Georg Jensen

    Large Centrepiece Bowl "Pyramid"

    Stand D29
  • Heiner Koch

    Brot, Fisch und Wein, 1981-1983

    Stand D18/E19
  • Hara Masaki

    Bronze Vase

    Stand B13
  • Clip Brooch "Flock of Birds"

    Stand D37
  • Piero Dorazio

    Gang, 1968

    Stand E30
  • Josef Hoffmann

    Goldring with Freshwater Pearls

    Stand C34
  • Erich Heckel

    Fränzi liegend, 1910

    Stand C38
  • Erich Wegner

    Rostock, 1924

    Stand F35
  • Tim Berresheim

    Lemon Law V, 2016

    Stand D19
  • Carl Otto Czeschka

    Franz Keim: Die Nibelungen. Dem deutschen Volke wiedererzählt

    Stand P3
  • Josef Albers

    Squares: Blue and Cobalt Green in Cadmium Green; 1958

    Stand A20
  • Christoph Ruckhäberle

    Parasol, 2007

    Stand A26
  • Cocktail Set, Vase and Bowl

    Stand A29
  • Karl Otto Götz


    Stand B31
  • Imi Knoebel

    Face 35, 2003/2014

    Stand D10/E11
  • Nuba shield

    Stand D23
  • Thomas Hildenbrand

    Vögel vor Stoff, 2017

    Stand D39
  • Otto Modersohn

    Louise Modersohn-Breling at a weir of the Wümme, 1911

    Stand F31
  • Clip-on earrings "Calla"

    Stand A7
  • Pug Dog

    Stand B41
  • Conrad Felixmüller

    Le Lavandou, 1926

    Stand E1
  • Sarah Moon

    Sans titre, 1998

    Stand E18
  • Lion Portal Sculpture of the Wittelsbach Dynasty

    Stand F10
  • Eduardo Chillida

    Banatu I, 1971

    Stand F11
  • Pair Biedermeier Chest of Drawers

    Stand B39
  • Madonna and Child

    Stand A41
  • Oskar Schlemmer

    Spiel mit Köpfen

    Stand P2
  • Karl Hofer

    Sleeping Girl, circa 1925

    Stand E20
  • Marc Chagall

    Carmen, 1967

    Stand F19
  • Hiroshige Utagawa

    Naruto Whirlpool, Awa Province

    Stand E38
  • The Descent of the Holy Spirit

    Stand A40
  • Inrō

    Stand A10
  • Pair of Rococo Commodes

    Stand A1
  • Two-Handled Cup

    Stand F39
  • Kurt Schwitters

    a Dim Bulb (Keine Leuchte), 1947

    Stand C20
  • Imi Knoebel

    Anima Mundi 23-5 Ed., 2012

    Stand B21
  • Abraham David Christian

    Untitled, 1995

    Stand D17
  • Mask

    Stand A30
  • Kemben

    Stand D13
  • Auguste Herbin

    Composition sur les Noms Communs: Ange, Lion, Fauvette, 1942

    Stand B19
  • Leo Erb

    Untitled (Line Relief), 1988

    Stand D27
  • Tabatière "Pillnitz Palace"

    Stand E10
  • Couple of fossil giant palm fronds (Sabalites sp.)

    Stand C30
  • Andrew Hedges

    Pansy Brooch

    Stand F18
  • Henri Martin

    Rue et Paysage de Collioure Ensoleille

    Stand D21
  • Emil Schumacher

    Musus, 1962

    Stand B29
  • Sigmar Polke

    Farbprobe, Eisenglimmer, Chromoxyd, 1986

    Stand A18
  • Yayoi Kusama

    Dots, 1990

    Stand B15
  • Pieter Hermansz. Verelst

    A Portrait of a Young Girl, 1642

    Stand B35
  • Marcel Broodthaers

    Cherchez le chasseur. Où est le chasseur?, 1972

    Stand A28
  • Silver Lidded Tankard

    Stand A38

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